10 things on my mind after Scandal Season 6 Episode 1

Holy smokes! I’m back everyone! Long time no hear from! Life got crazy but I am back with this blogging thing! Let’s get it!

10. Hey Boo! Forget those polls. Honey anytime I see Fitzgerald Grant the III I get butterflies. Chileeeeeeee. But the one thing 2016 taught us is that POLLS SUCK. Our polls said we’d have a President Clinton in a landslide yet we end up with a Donald Trump. Mr. Twitter fingers himself. Can we elect Fitz instead?

9. The 53% strike again! So 53% of white women voted for a man who said it was ok to grab a woman by her private areas if you have money. Luckily the 53% of fictional white women didn’t vote so negligently. They got rid of Hollis longgggggggg before things got this far. Shonda Rhimes must be a lowkey prophetess.

8.  Fitz can STILL get it on the presidential seal…….. with his ex wife and my client having a meltdown in the next room. My Gawd he’s sexy!

7. WAYMENT! Y’all better hope Shonda ain’t no prophetess cause…… PINEAPPLES!!!!!  Wayment now Shonda. You gon’ kill the president elect during the acceptance speech?!??!? AW NAW!!!!!!!  38074234

6. Anybody else curious as to how Marcus is now Press Secretary and Charlie is now  a gladiator complete with his own office?

5. Politics is cutthroat. That woman went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows and can’t even call her children because Abby took her phone. Abby would have got that business fooling around with me and my kids. I’d have been like……..


4. Papa Pope still outchea hunting. “Did I think about killing him? Yes. It’s a genius move”. LOL Papa would literally need like 100 f*cks in order to have no f*cks. LOL He’s still looking for his 5ap7ltxuzv53

3. When people show you who they are…… believe them. Amanda Tanner. James Novak. Staged shooting in Pennsylvania capital. Harrison Wright. Janine Locke.Daniel Douglass Langston. All of these people are ruined or dead due in part to Cyrus’ need for power. Yet Liv never even considered that he could be the culprit. smh Her gut been broke!

2. Quinn and Charlie: SHUT. UP.

  1. Cyrus might be too easy. My money is on the ousted brother…… and Cyrus.

See you soon!







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