10 Things on my Mind after Scandal Season 6 episode 2

It’s taken me a little while but I am up and moving. Let’s get straight to it.

10. Marcus?!?!?!? Dude…….. crying? C’mon son. Quit playing. Huck said it best: “you’re embarrassing us.” Literally.

9. SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!!! Man! Marcus got Mellie outchea begging and pleading harder than Keith Sweat and Gerald LeVert combined. She’s begging harder than Theo when he was trying to get Justine back!

8. Harpo! who dis woman? I don’t know who this chick is but I know good and damned well she didn’t come for Liv. She gon’ fool around and get 752’d. Don’t play!

7. Mellie and Marcus are………awkward. Kinda like watching a dog walk backwards ……..or watching the Trumps dance at an inaugural ball.

6. The shade. Oh the shade. Liv looking at this chick like she wanna jump across the table on her ass. She was rolling her eyes REAL hard! Straight Michelle Obama level side eyes. michelle-obamas-disapproval-collage-of-many-faces

5. Abby please go sit down.

4. Marcus got that GOOD GOOD! Mellie out her smelling roses and smiling at butterflies and ish. It’s amazing how life changes once you get your back broke.

3. Mellie is coo coo for cocoa puffs. But who can blame her after all of her relationship drama. Not everyday your husband’s friend becomes VP and then sleeps with you to get closer to Liv and try to overthrow the US government.

2. Girl Fight! Liv and old girl gonna go! She all on the Truman balcony. naw girl. Nawwwwwww!

1.Cyrus…….you in trouble… but I don’t think it’s you. My money is STILL on the brother.

See you next week!